Celiac Courses

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Truly Understand Celiac Disease

Celiac is a complex disease. Figuring out what is actually going on inside the body can be hard to grasp. Some people are even falsely diagnosed with celiac, whether the results are positive or negative.

Confidently know what is going on inside your body & be able to explain it to others.

  • Celiac explained so you “get it”

  • Important terms to know

  • “Hidden” gluten ingredients

  • Golden standard test for celiac

Overcome Gluten Withdrawal

It can be discouraging eliminating gluten and finding meals that satisfy. Gluten withdrawal is a real thing.

Conquer the craving for gluten and start healing with quick, simple meals.

  • Gluten addiction

  • Confused body reactions

  • Speed up the process

  • Make gluten free doable

Master Ingredient Labels & Cross-Contamination

It is discouraging to spend countless hours in a grocery store trying to understand ingredient labels. Knowing that many foods involve cross-contact with gluten can be even more daunting.

No longer dread grocery shopping for gluten free products. Learn the clear steps of accurately reading labels so you can go in and out of the store on a whim.

  • The misleading phrase “gluten free”

  • Food & non-food labels

  • Cross-contamination reality

  • Certification symbols to trust

Experience the Raw Emotions of Celiac Disease

Living with celiac disease can be cumbersome, exhausting, and lonely.

Free yourself from these feelings by following this guide to accept and alleviate the pain. You are not alone in this.

  • Celiac grieving steps

  • Tweaking phrases to empower

  • Necessary steps to build a support system

  • Normalizing

Make Your Home Celiac-Safe

Ingesting small amounts of gluten can cause serious damage and sickness. Gluten can accidentally be ingested from things like crumbs from a toaster, table, shared stick of butter, lotion, toothpaste, ChapStick/lip balms, shampoo, etc.

Be assured that your home is a safe place by using the step-by-step approach provided in this course.

  • Partial or 100% gluten-free residence

  • Celiac-Proof checklist

  • Ease in or go all the way

Treatments for Celiac Disease

It can be frustrating to hear that the only way to treat celiac is to adhere to a 100% gluten free diet. There is more to it than that.

Follow the crucial steps to ensure you are properly healing & managing celiac.

  • Type of doctors to see

  • Follow-up tests to run

  • Appointment checklist for doctors

  • What to do if going gluten-free isn’t helping

Enjoy Social Events & Holidays with Celiac Disease

Being gluten free in the social world can feel isolating, stressful, and sometimes embarrassing. 

Find joy and excitement in social events & make meaningful connections with others. 

  • Holidays with food restrictions

  • How to protect yourself socially 

  • Social responsibilities

  • Tackle last minute invites


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