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Truly Understanding Celiac Disease

Confidently know what’s actually going on inside your body & be able to explain it to others.

  • Celiac explained so you “get it”

  • Important terms to know

  • “Hidden” gluten ingredients

  • Golden standard test for celiac



Overcoming Gluten Withdrawal

Conquer the craving for gluten & start healing with quick, simple meals that satisfy.

  • Understand gluten addiction

  • Blindside your reactions

  • Speed up the process

  • Make gluten free doable


Interpreting Ingredient Labels

No longer dread grocery shopping for gluten free products. Learn clear steps to accurately read labels so you can go in & out of a store in a flash.

  • The misleading phrase “gluten free”

  • Food & non-food labels

  • Cross-contamination reality

  • Certification symbols to trust


Emotions of Celiac Disease

Free yourself from the feelings of loneliness, exhaustion, and distress by following this guide to alleviate the pain.

  • Celiac grieving steps

  • Empowering phrases

  • How to build a “true” support system

  • Normalizing strategies


Make Your Home

Be assured that your home is a safe place by using this step-by-step approach.

  • Partial or 100% gluten-free residence

  • Celiac-Proof checklist (toothpaste, shampoo, kitchen appliances, etc.)

  • Ease in OR go all the way


Treatments for Celiac Disease

It’s not just about eating 100% gluten free! Follow the crucial steps to ensure you are properly healing & kicking celiac to the curb.

  • Type of doctors to see

  • Follow-up tests to run

  • Appointment checklist for doctors

  • What to do if going gluten-free isn’t helping


Enjoy Social Events & Holidays with Celiac Disease

No longer feel isolated, stressed, or out of place. Find joy and excitement in social events & make meaningful connections with others. 

  • Holiday food traditions

  • How to protect yourself socially 

  • Social responsibilities

  • Tackle last minute invites

  • Approaching the questions they ask


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