Hi, I’m Sarah!

Living gluten free out of necessity.

Got our lives back & helping others do the same.

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After 14 months of desperately seeking answers for my son, he was finally diagnosed with celiac disease in 2015. Having a diagnosis was SO helpful--but with this complex disease, it still wasn’t enough. Learning how to navigate life with celiac disease was a steep mountain to climb. After two intense years of research, trial and error, my son finally thrived!

Because it took us so long for us to figure out the correct way to live with this autoimmune disease, my son developed other health problems in the process (e.g., full-blown dairy allergy, hashimoto’s thyroid disease, multiple severe food intolerances, white blood cell count scares, and many other complications!).

These struggles could have been prevented if we knew what to do from the beginning.

There is so much to learn when living with celiac disease and eliminating gluten. I created this website so the answers can be in one place. I want others to experience the joy that can be found while living with celiac much faster than we did.

I will help you in your journey, step-by-step!

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My Life Outside of Celiac Disease

  • Hike, camp, snowshoe & anything outdoors

  • Play the violin

  • Hide my introvert personality well

  • Embrace cultures

  • Despise cooking--fail most meals

  • Work full-time

  • Love God & family

  • Learn tricks to whole-food eating