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Ray and Nancy Olson

My name is Nancy Olson and I live in Minnesota. I was born and raised here in a state that experiences four well defined seasons. I tell you some days I love that we have four seasons and other times I would rather be where they maybe are not as defined as they are here in Minnesota. I am married to the love of my life Ray we married May 8, 1998. We don’t have any children due to my health challenges earlier in life. I have to go with what God has planned for me. At times I struggle with the thought of no children. I will never see them go off to the first day of school, excitement of Christmas, seeing my child get married, or never having grandchildren.

However, there are a lot of children out there that I love and adore that I can give my love too. I have always worked in sales it seems, waitressed right out of high school, some retail shops, have always done something in direct sales but never worked it as a business just a hobby until I found the right business. I have been in a direct sales business since 1990, so I have seen lots of different business, compensation plans, ideas of how to market and so much more but now I have gotten serious.

I have some health challenges that now I realize that God gave me these challenges because he knows I can handle them and he wanted them to make me a stronger person so now I give from the heart. I give tips on health, especially Celiac disease; I will be sharing recipes that are gluten free as I have been experimenting cooking gluten free. So I hope to share what I cook here as well and I hope you enjoy that.

In your service

Nancy Olson

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Heather Jacobsen July 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Hi Nancy,  I just found your website and I think its great! I tried to connect with you on Twitter but it doesn't look like that's the correct Twitter name for you? You can find me at @glutenfrefoodie. Hope to tweet with you!


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